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May 2021; Nagoya, Japan
Accelerating response to “CASE”, a once-in-a-100-year automotive revolution

Sumitomo Riko Company Limited has launched a special webpage regarding “CASE*” on its corporate website. Based on the theme, “Materials designed for the future. – Innovation by Materials”, this webpage introduces Sumitomo Riko Group initiatives with a focus on new technology, new products, and new services in the automotive (mobility) field. We have also released a special movie made at our main R&D and production base in Komaki.

http://Special CASE Webpage

In response to the awareness of the impending humanitarian crisis caused by climate change spreading around the world, the Japanese government announced last year that Japan will become “carbon neutral” by reducing the emission of greenhouse gas to zero by 2050. Consequently, we at the Sumitomo Riko Group are accelerating moves to achieve a carbon-free car society, even in the automotive industry, our main area of business activities. However, this does not stop at “Electric”. The Group has been pushed by the wave of the once-in-a-hundred-year major paradigm shift, “CASE”, which remains an urgent issue.

The Sumitomo Riko Group considers CASE to be a large opportunity. As such, we have created this content to widely communicate that we aim to further expand our business while searching for new business partners. As a unique system supplier for automotive who is involved in the manufacture of materials from the top of the MONOZUKURI stream to final products at the bottom of the stream, our particular strength lies in the “power of materials”. In terms of “Sumitomo Riko technology to accelerate CASE”, we have focused on the four areas of sensing for “Autonomous”, and heat control, sealing, and sound and vibration control for “Electric”. In addition, we have not only introduced new products such as the self-driving support device “Steering Touch Sensors” adopted by automotive manufacturers and “Finesulight™”, an insulating material which we successfully coated with an extremely difficult to apply the material, we are also introducing a line of future products focusing on existing business areas such as our flagship anti-vibration rubber, hoses, and sound insulators. We believe that this content provides a complete picture of Sumitomo Riko Group initiatives for CASE. We hope you take this opportunity to take a look at the Sumitomo Riko Group cutting edge initiatives for the next generation of mobility initiatives and the
creation of a new world.