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Exhibiting products in the sensing, thermal management, and hydrogen device fields relating to CASE technology

Sumitomo Riko is exhibiting at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023 in Yokohama in May and Nagoya in July with Sumitomo Electric Industries and Sumitomo Wiring.

The ongoing transformation of the automotive industry toward alternative powertrains and autonomous mobility is enabling Sumitomo Riko to pursue tremendous application opportunities within the Group’s core competency—the research and development of components in the field of polymer materials technology. Therefore, Sumitomo Sumitomo Riko will exhibit products focusing on C: Connected, A: Autonomous, and E: Electric.

In the field of sensor technology, we will present a Vital Sensor System that supports applications on Connected and Autonomous.

In the area of thermal management, we will present both thermal shieldings of the vehicle interior using Refleshine, a highly transparent film, and applications for thermal insulation using Finesulight technology.

In the field of hydrogen propulsion, Sumitomo Riko already supplies serial components whose further development will also be part of the presentation.

Vital Sensor System (seat-integrated type)

Made into the shape of a cushion, our independently developed sensor is installed into the surface of the driver’s seat to detect the driver’s heart rate, breathing, body motion, and other factors based on changes in pressure on the seat. The system estimates drowsiness, fatigue, and other conditions from the observed data and can connect to services such as passenger emergency response, supervised driving support, or fatigue management.

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High-Performance Heat Insulation “Finesulight”

High-heat insulating filler (silica aerogel) containing nanopores small enough to block the passage of air, into a coating liquid. Then, by coating base materials such as non-woven fabric and molded resin, this can achieve high-heat insulation properties at a level of still air or higher. As mobility moves toward electric vehicles (EVs), this product improves air-conditioning in the vehicle and enables longer cruising distances through the suppression of electricity consumption.

Sumitomo Riko improved the Finesulight compound bonder technology and developed an insulator for lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles that can withstand high temperatures of several hundred degrees Celsius. It suppresses heat chains from developing between adjacent cells in the case of extraordinary heat surges and avoids major incidents which can cause fires in the vehicle. We aim to optimize this insulator by making further adjustments to the insulation performance, hardness, and other factors in line with customer requirements.

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Film reflecting and insulating against heat: Refleshine

For building use, Refleshine blocks (thermal shielding) heat (UV) from interiors while maintaining a
high level of transparency, and in winter, it keeps (insulation) interiors warm (far-infrared rays). This shielding and insulation function increases comfort and saves energy by reducing the use of air-conditioning. For automobile use, Refleshine ensures visibility when driving and its insulation function controls the absorption of heat (UV) and enhances in-vehicle comfort.

Fuel Cell Gasket

Supplied for the new Mirai, Sumitomo Riko´s rubber seal “cell gasket” forms part of the fuel cell gasket comprised of a plate-shaped separator and power generator and prevents hydrogen, oxygen, and water from leaking. The FC stack consists of 330 cells, and each cell is equipped with our product. Furthermore, the fuel cell gasket is a highly effective seal for temperatures ranging from subzero to 100℃ or higher. It also enables FCEVs to stay safer for longer and generate power more efficiently.

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