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Gold medal for excellent supply performance in 2021

SumiRiko Poland (SRKP) won the “Superior performance award” of Toyota Motor Europe (TME) for the year 2021 in the category of “Supply”, which was announced during the TME Purchasing Annual Business Meeting held on 1st June 2022.

TME evaluates suppliers’ performance in 6 categories (Safety, Quality, Supply, Project Management, VA, Cost Management) and the “Superior performance award” – a “Gold medal” is given to the best company of each of 6 categories.

The stable supply and logistics KPIs achieved by the daily efforts of all employees were highly evaluated. SRKP received the TME Gold awards for the 3rd time (in 2008 Project management, in 2012 Supply). The company will continue our utmost efforts to maintain the position of the excellent supplier in Europe despite current difficult business circumstances.